Who we are

Novaberry was founded in 1993 in Lublin, a city located in the south-eastern part of Poland. The Lublin region is one of the largest and best-known agricultural areas in Poland. The region is considered to be No. 1 in Poland in terms of soft fruit production, in particular raspberries, cherries, strawberries, rhubarb, currants and other fruits.
Uren Novaberry - Frozen Fruits - About - Fruit production in Poland
Uren Novaberry - Frozen Fruits - About - Raspberry production in Poland

How we act

Over the years, we have been able to build strong relationships with local fruit growers and enter into long-term contracts with them. Under the agreements, each grower is committed to a plant protection programme that allows them to use only pesticides permitted by EU law. They also produce field fruit in accordance with the principles of good practice.
In our plant, we produce fruit to high standards with regard to quality control system, which includes HACCP and traceability. This system has been certified by international auditors according to IFS standards. Using our plant’s proven frozen fruit production technology, and technically advanced machinery, i.e. IQF freezing tunnels, Swiss-made pitting machines, X-ray and both laser and optical sorters, we are able to produce fruit of exceptional quality, meeting each customer’s specifications.

Our philosophy

At Novaberry, we guarantee a reliable business approach in order to establish strong partnerships and the long-term commercial relationships, which we prefer.
Since our mission is to serve our clients professionally in accordance with our many years of experience and knowledge, we are happy to prove our full commitment to the business we do.

Our certificates

At Novaberry, the quality of our goods and services and customer satisfaction are our top priority. We have reliably set the highest standards that exceed market standards for more than 25 years.


At Novaberry, we recognise the significance of sustainability in our business. Our commitment to the cause includes both the rational use of natural resources and the use of advanced fruit production methods, ensuring that our ecological footprint is minimised at every stage.
With the aim of producing products of the highest quality, we cooperate only with approved suppliers of fresh raw materials, whose crops are located in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Our infrastructure, including our own groundwater well, biological wastewater treatment plant, solar power farm, as well as the high standard of the plant with its modern and technologically advanced production lines, are assets of our company that secure high quality production while taking care of the quality of the environment.