Uren Novaberry Ltd was established in 1993 in Lublin,
a city in the south-eastern part of Poland.
Lublin region is one of the biggest and most famous agricultural areas in Poland. The significant volume of fruit grown here makes the region No.1 in Poland as for raspberry and sour cherry production, although there are plenty of strawberry and rhubarb fields, as well as blackcurrent and apple orchards, too.

How we act

Over the years, we have managed to build a solid relationship with the local fruit growers and established long term contracts with them. By the agreements, each of the growers is supposed to apply the plant protection programme which allows them to use pesticides with EU approval only. They also keep their field fruit production in accordance with the principles of good practice.

In our factory we process fruits under high standards, with regard to quality control system that includes HACCP and traceability. The system was certified by international auditors.
By using a proven technology which is continuously supported with sophisticated machines (i.e. freezing tunnels, X-ray and laser sorters), we are able to produce fruits of outstanding quality meeting specifications provided by any customer.

Our philosophy

Uren Novaberry declare to satisfy our customers with reliable business approach in order to establish a solid partnership or a long term commercial relationship that we prefer.

Since our mission is to serve customers professionally to the best of our ability and knowledge, we would be happy to prove our full commitment to the business we do.